Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I warned myself

My resolutions fell apart.  I caved.  I am knitting something new.  It doesn't look like anything much yet.  Currently it looks like this. 
Eventually, I hope it looks like this.   There have been a lot of variations on how much lace people have knit on to the top but I think I like it best as is.  I will make the shoulders a little wider but I think that is going to be the only change other than fit issues.  It isn't a top to wear alone.  It is a top to wear over a little camisole or tee.  

The very next thing I need to do is pull it apart and add 4 more stitches, 2 more on each side. (Ordinary knitting alert.  Start multiple times till you get it just right.)  

It is made out of Fleece Artist Seawool. The two balls of Nova Scotia, the brilliant blue-green colours, were purchased at different times and are different in intensity.  I had hoped that I would have enough yarn with the light green Seawool mixed in between rounds of the other two balls, but there was not quite enough.  By the time I knew this, the store was down to 1 skein of a richer darker green, but coordinates beautifully. (optimism alert)

It means I have to work all 4 balls at the same time though, changing colours row by row.  It means a lot of tangled threads.  It means taking much care so there is no tightness or pull where the change happens. It means a little busy looking knitting but it has a drawer.  It ought to be fine. (hopeless optimism alert)

It means it is going to be springlike and green with shots of blue. I expect exciting times ahead.


Brenda said...

Woo Hoo. That's one darn gorgeous tank

Sandra said...

wow - is that ever going to be sweet! (or as my son would say - EPIC!) The colours are stunningly beautiful, and if you ever tire of them- toss them this waY!