Friday, 7 January 2011

Time for a big strong cup of Coffee

Need more of this stuff.  I knit on 3 different things yesterday and ended up frogging back each one of them.  Fwttttttt.  There went my day of knitting.  I am looking for the lesson in that.  Really I am.

Maybe socks?  I could choose yarn for my sock project.

I haven't really felt like it.   I can usually dig in the yarn closet at the drop of a hat.  Usually, I dig and start something new as easily as I breathe, but so far this year I don't really feel like starting something new.  This is a revolutionary thing for me, to not feel like starting something new.  I might worry that I am ill but for one thing.

I have become inordinately interested in knitting what is on the needles in my WIP baskets.  I pledged that if my 3 baskets of WIPs still remain at the end of the year, then they would have to be frogged and the yarn given away.  This has to be the scariest thing I have faced to date in knitting.  To frog things I like.  To give away yarn that I like.  

If I have to contemplate that, I am gonna need a whole lot of good strong coffee.

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