Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Yarn from the desk

Don't the colours of this thing make you just want to dive in?  I'm not a mohair person.  I don't think it is my sort of thing to wear and yet...

it is in my stash.  

I think something simple, like this little thing.  Or maybe this little thing.    I don't know for sure.  I like the idea of beads, rich and orange, or maybe gold beads, to pick up the warm reds and oranges in this yarn. 

Still simple knitting is the way to go.  In part, this is a reaction to Christmas.  All the excess of the season, all the bustle. I work hard to keep it simple, to keep the rush out, but even so, it is hard to do it.  Simple projects, simple knitting will keep the weirdness away. It is lovely to contemplate simple.

I am going to be working on the black sweater this morning when my eyes are fresh and the coffee is strong.  It is imperative to have strong coffee when knitting black in winter.  In the future I will plan better.  Black knitting ought to happen under summer's generous sun.

There is a tree to finish and a wee bit more holiday stuff to get out for round the house.  Getting out these bits and pieces is a treasure.  Each wee thing has a story attached.  I love that about Christmas things.  It isn't so much the things, but the stories attached that charm me.  

For now, it is time to deal with that strong coffee part of the day.  It is either that or crawl back to bed for a nap. Come to think of it, napping charms me too.

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Brenda said...

If you come up with a good idea for a hank of mohair, I'm interested. I bought a bright orange hank in 2008 at Fun Knits on Quadra Island while on vacation there. it sits in my stash still, waiting for inspiration.