Monday, 6 December 2010

My pair of mittens are complete.
 I'm not a ruffly person.  I don't wear frilly things.  Usually. I am not sure I can bear to give these away.  

 If you get the chance, knit a little with Elsebeth Lavold Angora before it is gone.  Its is a joy to work with.  That the Fleece Artist is a marvel is a given, but the Angora was one of the unexpected marvels.  There are so many good things out there to work with, but I confess that my head and my heart are swamped with visions many many more pairs of mittens of Angora.

 There is dream knitting, and then there is real life knitting.  Fade to black as it were.  This is a shot of Elysium in progress.

I really ought to be knitting on Mr. Needles vest, but this weekend is tree weekend, and any knitting I get done is going to be knitting in between.  Of necessity, this knitting in between must be simpler.  While Elysium might be simpler, it is not just garter stitch. In its own way, the simple garter stitches with the 6 row, short row shaping has its own sort of simple magic.

There are other things happening today that require simpler knitting.  I may spend more than a few hours rip snorting angry and knitting something simple is going to keep me sane.  Saner.  OK, at least not so gosh darn angry. My daughter in law did not get her visitor visa and I shall knit my head off today so I can understand the attitudes which now will not explain what the problems are that we might resolve them.


Sandra said...

ah crap - sorry about your DIL and the inane bureaucracy that is causing problems. Knit away!

Brenda said...

Love the mittens. You better find that 'brain' stress ball. It might help.