Friday, 10 December 2010

Small things

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent an evening at an emergency unit.  Following that up, I spent yesterday morning at the eye clinic.

I developed a wee small tear in my retina.  With the wonders of modern medicine and having the tear happen on the right day, the retina specialist was in and I saw, was diagnosed and was repaired all in one day.  

But it means that small things, reading in particular is going to be more difficult.  The eye without the problem does fine at big things, but not so much for small things. 

So, if this blog has more than its usual amount of errors, is just a little more flaky than normal, if The editing looks like it is completely lacking, please excuse.  

The knitting content is going to be lower than usual for a while too.  Anything complicated, or that involves a lot of reading, is just going to have to Wait.  Fine yarns are going to be out for a bit.  Of course that means I might get the Elysium sweater done, and the Shetland style shawl doesn't require a lot of reading, so I can knit on that too.  But socks are going to have to wait.  

Wait a second, I do have some Big Fabel in my stash!  Big Fabel socks ought to be just right for this time of year!   There.  The earth just righted itself on its axis.  I admit to being  bothered by the idea of not being able to work on socks.  Even when I am not knitting a lot of socks.  

Which is just plain silly, but there you have it.  I'm just plain nuts about knitting simple socks.

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