Thursday, 9 December 2010

Last night I knit a hat

This matches a little scarf I did the other day, just for fun.  Some days yarn literally falls off the shelf at me and then, it seems, I am compelled to knit it.

I knit this to the most amazing running conversation.  
'Bruce, you can't get up.  Last time you tried you fell'
"I want to get out of here"
'Bruce no, you have to stay there till the doctors see you'
"No I have to get out of here and live my lifestyle"
'Bruce, you have to stay in bed.  You fell last time you tired to get up'

I had occasion to spend the evening waiting in emergency, nothing serious, mind, but something that needed looking at.  So I knit to the almost hilarious sounds of Bruce's little adventure.  It was funny.  He tried to cajole them, he tried several times to escape, but the nurses would not let him go. They quite simply charmed him to stay in the bed. 

Bruce had a badly broken ankle but was too drunk to feel anything. Which is beyond sad, but... Methinks Bruce is going to be really glad the nurses kept him in the bed when he wakes this morning, and I absolutely must applaud the nurses at the Royal Alex.  

They dealt with what could have been a bad situation with a great deal of calm, with equanimity and a great deal of class and charm.  Nice work ladies.

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