Friday, 31 December 2010

Checking up on my goals

If you never check up on the goals you set at the beginning of the year, you will never really learn from the process.  Today is my day of reckoning.  So, to 2010 goals.

I did well in the National Just Read More Novels Month challenge. I think I made it to 5 full novels.  The snappy new Sony Reader I got for Christmas is going to make it easy to read even more this year. The ability to make the print larger is beyond great.  Those little shifting letters can shift all they want.  I shall make them bigger! BWAHAHAHA

The Knit Meter challenge of 5k? Blew that one away.  I feel satisfied that Ihave knit a nice round 15 k.  There are a few small projects that I have not listed there for want of time that probably add up to 500 metres.  I knew I knit a lot, but I am stunned and thrilled at the reckoning.

Learning Russian or Ukranian.  One complete fail is not something I am pleased about but there it is.  No excuses, but if you don't work on it, you cannot learn it. I shall do better with it this year.

Today is a work day for me, but a short one.  Just noon till 4.  The shoppers at this time of year are so nice.  It makes for a lovely work.  

No one is stressed, no one is rushed.  No one is doing anything urgent.  The only thing people are looking forward to is a nice party at whatever level they choose to mark the turn of the page.   The only knitting they are doing is for themselves with no deadline.  It is such a short time till the regular workday cares and stresses return next week and they, and I, will revel in this time between.

It really is a wonderful way to mark the end of the old year and to bring in the new.  

As for me, my level of partying at New Years has been having some nice wine in the evening and falling asleep well before midnight.  I have been working hard for a good long while now and think I am ready to make my final goal for 2010.  To stay up till midnight.  

I think I can do it.  Might even set the alarm to make it happen.  Or not.  MMMV (My mileage may vary)

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Anonymous said...

I did set an alarm the other night to keep me from falling asleep while reading. I'll give you a hint - once every half hour isn't often enough. :) GD