Friday, 5 November 2010

Post Sweater Lull

There is always a period after completing something large where my hands just sit for a bit.  The urge, the itch is quieted and calm as I sit and dwell in the land of satisfaction.

In the quiet, I took out Mr. Needles vest and had a good long look at it.  I have been worried that one section of the perrie patterns was going to be too tight and would need to be reknit.  That idea was so strong within me, that I have spent weeks avoiding looking at this vest.  In that strong avoidance, I emptied a basket of sock WIPs started 2 other simple sweaters, finished one.  Not too shabby, even if the motivation for these was a negative sort of motivation.

There is nothing wrong with the vest.  One section is a wee bit tighter, but not what I had it built up to be in my mind.  My bit of blocking last night showed that clearly.  

Taking stock of just where the vest was at was easy.  There is a bit of the shoulder to knit, about 8-10 inches, then to steek, and knit the button/zipper and armscye courrugated ribbing, and then to knit the pockets.  (The pockets may get knit before the bands.) I think my hands are ready to tackle the vest again.  The Cascade 220 felt good, comfortable in my hands. 

A Leisl sweater is a speedy easy knit.  An Elysium is a hypnotic knit.  Socks are regular and comforting knitting. I am ready after these things for the intensity of the vest.  Bring on the charts.  Have at it.  Conquer it.

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Anonymous said...

Funny what our imagination does eh? Have fun working on the vest. GD