Thursday, 4 November 2010

Knit Night

Though last night was my knitting evening with friends, that is not the sort of knit night I am talking about today.  I`m talking about the kind of knit night that means I have been awake since 1 a.m., out of bed since 2 a.m., at which time I decided there was no point lying there, so I got up to knit.  It is now 4 a.m.

Knit all night. You wonder how I get so much knitting time in.  This is how.

But knitting at night does have its advantages.  My sweater is done and blocking 
and I am back to working on my black Elysium.

I am also contemplating this.  

Shelter, the new specialty yarn from Brooklyn Tweed.  In case I forget to mention it, I forgot to show my knit night ladies this yarn.  They can shoot me next week.  I will even promise to show up. I have no excuses.  

A friend brought it back from New York for me.  (I have lovely friends)  I would like to crawl right inside this warm cushy woolen spun yarn before I knit with it.  

My new camera, a wee SD1300 IS seems to let me.  

And that is the kind of thing I do when I am up all night long. I will go back to bed shortly and will sleep till the 8 o`clock alarm. I think.  I will probably not be the sharpest cookie on the block at work tomorrow.

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