Monday, 25 October 2010


I could talk about a dozen things today.  

I could talk about how Mr. Needles brought me popcorn the other night.  

My bowl.

His bowl.  Very funny.

I could talk about how I finished the different after thought sock heels, and how the sock heels fit wonderfully, but the socks themselves need to be shortened.  In other words the sock doesn't fit...

I could tell you about the yarn I started a sweater with...for the 3rd time.  Third time is the charm. Please.

I could tell you about how I spent a very good part of my weekend putting stash on ravelry almost to the point of a repetative stress injury (pick up yarn, read labels, put it back) and how I still have a ways to go.

I could tell you about any number of things, but I think I will just show you this.

It had to happen.  It always does.  It may not stay today, but the day isn't far away when it will stay for the season.

First person who says the 's' word jinxes it.


Mrs. Spit said...

Huh. Maybe I'm not so sad about being in Calgary right now anyway.

Sandra said...

we had some flaky water precipitation last week.
I was not amused.
at least there wasn't enough for me to change my footwear...

Brenda said...

Great sweater weather though!

Anonymous said...

So far no signs of that here, but the word on the street is tonight :( GD