Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I almost...

I have finished the mammoth task that was entering my stash on ravelry.  My shoulders are stiff and my mind is sort of blank, and I am tired.  Tired yes, but I think I am going to like it.

It is so easy to see exactly what I have and how much of it I have.  The benefit was immediate.  I played on it looking at patterns at yet another way. Like all the other cool things about ravelry, you can search by starting with your stash.  Click on a yarn and you can search for all projects in that yarn, or for just cardigans or baby things or shawls or whatever you want.  I love the search versatility of ravelry.  

Bu it has also been a good thing to see what I have in there.  Right in front of me.  Sorted by quantity.  (shivers) Sorted by metres. (shivers twice) It is probably a good thing.  By my rough calculation I have large quantities (over 700 metres) for almost100 sweaters.  And that isn't counting the lace.  

How long would it take a person to knit 100 sweaters?  If I knit 10 sweaters a year for the next 10 years, I will just be catching up.  I don't plan to knit 10 sweaters a year.  That would be almost all my knitting time.

I have enough lace to last me a very very long time.  I could knit many many shawls of size and IIRC, without looking, I can knit close to 100 lace scarves or small shawlettes. 

And then there is a whole host of scarf yarn and mitten yarn and small project yarns.  

And sock yarns. Which is mentally don't count as stash, but really it is, isn't it?  I have enough for a whole new sock wardrobe of socks for 5 years.  I will knit for a very long time on what I have here and I will love every minute of it.

By the by, I have not listed a bunch of coned yarn that I have, Jaegerspun something or other and several cones of various colours from Webs cone sales. I also have not listed things already in projects.  Seriously I had to stop somewhere and I drew the line at yarn on the needles.  And I think I forgot to list my Zauberball and a few yarns in the drawers of one small cabinet.  I'll get those done in a few days.  

I have always been a wee bit ashamed about my stash, but only when I am talking to ordinary people.  I have always been comfortable with it around knitters.  A knitter understands about stash. Still, even for knitters, it is a large stash.

The very good thing about digging deep like this is that it is packed up nice and tight for the season.  Until I need to get some out to knit that is.  In the digging and the sorting this weekend, I somehow managed to get a lot more yarn into the closet.  

Which means that I have some spa....Slaps self upside the head.  Cut it out.

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