Friday, 15 October 2010

Close to Complete

I like this point in any project.

I've just finished working the white stripes and am back to the solid blue.  The solid blue down to the corner means I am just about done.  1 blue ball of yarn  to completion.    

And I am right where I want to be in terms of yarn use.  When the blanket is done, I will have 1 ball of blue yarn left and almost 2 full balls of cream yarn left.   Lots of yarn for a hat and a pair of something for this wee babies feet. 

And then what next?  This is the really fun part.


1 comment:

jill said...

Good luck with the finishing, I like knitting but vary rarely finish it, Im not sure why. Im not a quick knitter so I think I run out of steam before I get it finished. Look forward to seeing your finished project