Wednesday, 29 September 2010

New Knittys

I love it when new Knittys come out.  So much good stuff.

I remember the first issue I found came across.  It is the one with the lovely Ice Queen on the cover.  I have been a devoted fan and ardent admirer ever since.

This issue has some fantastic sweaters.  Vines first caught my eye. Then I caught the glory of Lia.  Then I was captivated by the impressive vintage looks of Beatnik   

I wish there was time to knit them all, right now.  I wish they would all look good on me!   Well, they all might, it is just going to take a little tweaking.  But then, everything takes a little tweaking. I'll get over it.  

If you have not seen it there is a bevy of wonderful socks, mittens and a really fantastic collection of scarves and neck warmers, just right for knitting for your Christmas gift giving list.  

This is Knitty's 8th year of publication.  Congratulations to Amy and Jillian and the gaggle of talented people who give us this wonderful publication.  Proof positive that the online format works.  

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Sandra said...

thanks for the heads up - my nitty notification goes to a rarely checked email - off to peruse right now...