Monday, 6 September 2010

Fantastic Long Weekends

I knit my heart on the weekend.  I knit and knit and knit till I just could not knit anymore.  I knit till my hands gave out or my brains gave out.  IN truth, it is hard to tell which.  You could ask Mr. Needles. And yet, it wasn't nearly enough knitting to fill up the inside me, the one who wants to knit entire days away, the one who just wants to crawl inside colour work just to see if the colours are as pleasing from the inside out. 

Colour work is like a tiny little craving.  Feed it a little and you need more. 

I could use a little more, but I know that if I keep knitting, I am going to make all kinds of mistakes.  Pull back before I screw up is my new motto.  I'm not normally this controlled.

So then what?  When you have ample time to knit but cannot allow yourself to knit on what you like, you have to have another project. So I cast on for something very simple.  Son 3 asked for a blanket with no holes.  I had grand ideas of making all sorts of fancy colour work blankets.  Then, I thought I would do a simpler kind of colour work blanket.  As I was knitting the vest, I decided to knit what I had time for.  

I present to you Scotts Very Simple Garter Stitch Blankie.

I knit on this after I had enough of the vest.  It isn't large yet but it will be. There are 10 balls of Berocco Comfort Chunky Licorice and 10 balls of Hummus. Plenty of yarn for a nice big blanket. 

And when I am done, when I am very done with the knitting and my hands give out, then what?  

It will soon be time for the quarterly stash inspection, so I started that.  OK, I finished that.  It was a nice afternoon. I even sorted the lace.  And the mohair.  (Yes it is separate.  Its just a little shoe box of mohair and fuzzy cashmere though.  Not much.  Really.)  

I didn't do the yarn cabinet. As soon as this vest is done, yarn will be coming out from there to knit another fall sweater.  It will get all stirred up then and that will suffice.  I did not get to the cottons beside the desk either.  Ah well.   

It seems like a lot of day is left.  I hate the thought of just sitting here watching TV.  I'm not sure I can handle it just sitting.  

Maybe it is time to set up the knitting machine?  There is a blanket project I want to knit on it.  I have been stockpiling Lion Brand Fishermans Wool for a nice big blanket for my bed.  I'm going to felt it a little for the ultimate in warmth and snuggly goodness. But no, I am not going to let myself do it.  I feel like there is time, but I don't know, maybe I am getting smarter in my old age. NO.  Not for you today.

Knitting colour work fills me with energy.  It feels like I have the enrgy and the time to do a thousand things and I want to finish them all.  Colour work is stimulating, invigorating, vital, fresh.  

I've been knitting and buzzing around here since 4 a.m..   It is time to settle and slow down so I am ready to sleep.  Morning comes soon enough.  I'll save the rest of my for then. 

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