Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I whined the other day about works in progress building up, and today I am doing something about it.  

I started a skirt a while ago.  Began it and ripped it back and began it again.  I finally finished the first part.  I sewed it together and tried it on.  Just right.  No overly generous ease this time, just decent fit.  On to the next part.  

The next part has been the subject of huge internal debate.  I have waffled and changed my mind numerous times.  Just last Friday I was sure I was going to work colour panels.  Then on the weekend, while traveling, I thought 'no, quicker to knit in one colour'...and back again.  I liked both ideas.    

I had no idea which way I was going to go and figured I'd make the real decision when it came time to knit.  And that is exactly what happened.  The decision sort of made itself.  

There I was with the skirt sewn together, with the stitch pattern in my head and fingers that were itching to get going.  So I picked up the needles and began.

There at the top, is mistake rib.  I love the way this stitch looks.  Its lacy but not frilly.  Its strong vertical lines offset the busy in between.  As I knit down to the hem, I'll switch to larger and larger needles, probably going up two sizes, to get a lacy effect.  And then I am going to knit something really lacy, in a rich racy red, to peak out below the hem.      

Racy red lacy.  Am I old enough for this?

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