Thursday, 6 May 2010

I will...

Today, I will vacuum my study.

Today I will vacuum my livingroom.  

Today I will dust.

Today I will wipe walls.

But I also need to get my hair cut, get a new mattress from Ikea for the travel van.  So, ummmmm, Road trip.

Because I am heading to town, I will stop by the southside RCY where they have some really fantastic shell buttons.  One of these very large buttons, should be just the right finishing touch for the Liesl.  My mantra to prepare for this part of the trip is 'I will not have a yarn accident'.

By the end of the day, there will be a finished Liesl for the button to be sewn to. A couple hours for all the final touches, small sleeves, weaving ends, making a button loop, sewing on button, light blocking.   If I can't squeeze that out of a day full of housework and errands, then I am quite clearly, doing too much housework.  

So if the housework doesn't get done... again, and the house continues to look a little more like layers of dirt, could we just pretend that I am trying to plant a rose garden right here, inside the house?  Stopping to smell the roses shouldn't stop at the front door, now should it? 


Sandra said...

your post reminded me of what I need to do - knit Leisl and clean my house...

Brenda said...

I lack so much self discipline I am always faced with these types of choices and decisions. Knitting always wins.