Tuesday, 6 April 2010

With a little bit of lace.

It isn't just a red thing, it is a red thing with a little bit of lace.

I am really pleased with the way the lace looks.  The perfect sleeve end for a summer sweater.  Just right.  I used the same size needle, 3.75, as the rest of the sweater and it might look a little tidier, crisper, cleaner, if I redo it on a smaller needle. 3.5 maybe.  3.25?  I'll redo the lace on the sleeves before I do the lace along the bottom.  

As Mrs Spit pointed out the other day, it is moving along extremely fast now that I am on the body.  If I had the whole day to knit, I would probably have it complete or very close to it, but I work today.  It must wait until tonight.  

I should be able to squeak out a few inches tonight.  With luck. I am just where I need to start hip shaping.  That might be a one time knit but if my plan doesn't work as I hope it does, it might be a twice knit and maybe a threepeat.  

Right to the lacy hem, this simple little sweater is going to stay interesting.  


Mrs. Spit said...

It's very lovely!

Brenda said...

I've been thinking summer sweaters lately and your design is lovely. If I promise to not wear mine to
the same place at the same time as you wear yours, can I copy?

Knitting Alchemist said...

That's a very pretty sweater. Can't wait to see it finished!

Sandra said...

nice! the lae edge on the sleeve is the perfect touch.