Monday, 5 April 2010

How many Red Things...

I'm back to red things in a big way.  I've been working on it almost exclusively.  Its mostly stockinette, so you could fall into the trap of thinking it is miles of stockinette but  I am having too much fun to think that.  That one stitch purled every 7th stich is a winner.  It keeps it moving right along, without feeling like it is miles.  It was a very very good decision, made long before I was thinking about the look of the finished sweater.  

It was one little waver , one tiny split second choice, made while doubting my ability to keep the raglan increases symmetrical.  That one small stitch, made of self doubt, is one of my favourite things. 

That one purl stitch gives the sleeves and body an interesting convergence point along each of the raglan increases. a(I planned the convergence but not a lot else.) It gives diversity to the fabric and keeps your eye focused vertically as flows over my shoulder.  It gives shape in an unexpected way.   

Knitting teaches me things.  That is half the fun.  I thought this sweater would teach me a lot about raglan fit and proportional increasing.  I wasn't really expecting to find benefits from a small moment of doubt.   

Karen, the time was right.  3:48 a.m. Mountain Time. I sometimes have trouble sleeping.  I don't worry about it.  I get a lot of knitting done when sensible people sleep.  

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