Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Still knitting red.


No it isn't that bad. I'm just kidding. But the red sweater is on hold till I can find a different needle. All my sets of dpns are 4s and I find I really don't like bamboo needles with this yarn. I am going to invest in a 4 mm 16 inch needles.

It seems to be working, the number of stitches for each sleeve seems to be the same, and the caps have the same shaping. Seems to be working. But you know how things sometimes fall apart when you see the complete project? Could still happen.

I am noticing how low the front v is. It is below the my bust line. I think my planned I cord edging will still work, but it is going to look just a little different than what I pictured in my mind. Not bad though, just different.

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