Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Its not dishes.

All the reading I have done in the last few days means its been sort of blurry around here. No close work for me. Everything I have to do today is not close work, but rather detail work. Not big new things, but the things that make the world go round, the detaily things that keep the household moving. Even my knitting is like that.

I have been working on the red sweater. The second try at a sleeve is almost ready for a try on. The knitting feels like a chore. Sort of like laundry. These rows are not exciting. They just need to get done. If there was a way around them, boy I would take it. But just like laundry, it must be done before I can move forward, or go out of the house.

I'll knuckle down and do it. I'll knit those rows and get them done. It will feel like a chore till I know its going to work. But first I have to go do a load of laundry.

I have only one consolation. I'm not picturing doing dishes when I think about this place I am at and how I feel about this tedious red knitting.

Cause when knitting starts to make me think of doing dishes...

Updated to add:

Successfully avoided thinking about the dishes. The red sweater sleeve fits. It not only fits, it fits well. Almost perfect. Feel like walking around shouting 'dang I'm good'. Will not give in to the impulse or the knitting gods might strike me down. I still have the 2nd sleeve to knit. Plenty of room for screwing up yet.

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Sandra said...

I screwed up a second sleeve becasue I was so sure I'd remember what I did on the first one, I didn't write anything down.
Yeah, paid the price on that one...