Friday, 12 February 2010

Knitting Olympics

I'm not officially joining the knitting Olympics, but I do have a plan. Oh yes I have a specific Olympic plan to deal with something that is a real challenge for me.

The Yarn Harlot said your Olympic project should be something that would challenge you. That was when I started thinking about what challenges me.

I have a lovely stash. Picking something new to knit from the stash is easy. Way too easy. Starting anything has never been a challenge. I'm not interested in deadline knitting and if I am not really into it, I can avoid it without even thinking about it.

A real challenge to me would be dealing with things I actively work on avoiding, things I purposely go out of my way not to see, not to look at, not to acknowledge. Things for which avoidance has become an art form.

As I write this I am sitting at the dining room table. I have been here for the last two weeks, writing and knitting. I have told myself that I am sitting up there to get just a little more sun. I have told myself that I am able to cook better meals if I sit and watch them (no burning of food) Both of these are untrue. The sun is in the kitchen for only 3 minutes a day and the edible food to burn ratio is stable.

I've really been hiding up here in the kitchen. I am avoiding my study. Why am I avoiding my study you say? I'm avoiding it because the pile of unfinished projects has just become too overwhelming.

At every opportunity the projects toss themselves untidily on the floor in a large and noisy pile that threatens to cover all 4 square feet of flooring that isn't furniture. You can't walk in there for unfinished things.

Two rows on a shawl. Two feet of a scarf. Two heels on a pair of socks. Its really very silly.

My greatest challenge is to make a dent in this pile of unfinished things. My challenge is to work my way out of the kitchen and to stop avoiding the study because there is something in there that scares me.

Contrary to knitters everywhere, I am going to work exclusively on finishing what is already on the needles. I am vowing not to start any new projects till the Olympics are over, a huge challenge.

I will win bronze if I have two items finished. I will win silver if I have three items complete. If I finish 4 or more, I will be a gold level winner.

What about one, you ask? If I finish one only, I will be in fourth place. Not going to happen.

The red sweater, and the brown sweater are not part of this. They are part of classes. Work on these two things must continue but both are coming along very well. They are both at the point where they are ready for the next class.

There is plenty of knitting time in the next 14 days. Cheer me on as I cross the finish line. I need all the help I can get.


Mrs.Spit said...

Every so often, when my knitting exceeds the bounds of the very generous knitting basket it lives in, I have to have a meeting with my WIPs, and honestly assess their career prospects.

I'm like you, can't stand too many projects!

Anonymous said...

You know that Ravelympics has a WIP event! With all my free time this last year, I have nothing on the needles newer than last November. What a relief to get projects done! So good luck - do what you can.


Anonymous said...

Go Team Needles Go! GD

Knitting Alchemist said...

I hide too. It does get overwhelming. But I know you can do it!