Thursday, 11 February 2010

Do I really want to know?

Down on the side bar of this blog is a little Knit Meter. It records how much I have knit in a year.

I really haven't knit all that much this year. A considerable amount of time was spent reading in January, and so far in February, all I have knit on is a couple sweaters and a little bitty of a shawlette. And a sock or two, currently unfinished. The amount is pretty normal.

The numbers exist only for a wee bit of a challenge that I am working on with the Ravelry Edmonton Knitters Group. The idea is to knit down 5 kilometres of your stash yarn in 2010.

There were conversations in the group, about when a yarn becomes stash and could qualify for the knit down. Were we talking new stash or accumulated stash. Stash of a certain age? If it was knit once, and had to be pulled back and reknit, did it count twice? If you spun the yarn, did that count twice?

The answers were yes. So long as it fits within your personal definition of stash, it counted. My definition of stash? If it comes through the door, and hasn't been put onto the needles before the end of the day it is stash. The yarn that isn't in this category is yarn that left the yarn store and has not been brought into the house...not that that ever happens.

It isn't like I have car stash. Even if I have van stash. Van stash has been in the house already and is a subset of all stash. (The concept of dedicated car stash doesn't sound so out there. ) There is only one 'level' of stash, current stash.

Right now to mid February I have knit 2600 metres. I haven't added anything since the second day of February.

If that is what I knit so far this year, makes me wonder just how many metres is in the complete sta...

Nope not going there. At all. Don't want to know.


Anonymous said...

Man, as I was reading your post that's what I wanted to know - how many meters or kilometers in your stash. So disappointed that I won't find out. GD

Knitting Alchemist said...

The question is a scary one here too, and my stash is still idling while I heal my elbow. Hmmmmm....I wonder how many Kms are in my 20 lbs of alpaca fleece?