Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Time well wasted

Wow, this little computer really shows a washed out version of this marvelous Granny Smith apple green. It doesn't show the subtle variations of colour in the yarn either. What these photos do show is how nice this pattern looks in the Mini Maiden. The titling blocks interpreted as Moebius is one of those symbiotic wonders of design. It just works. It isn't a hard knit. Its fun, its fast and it is knitting even I can take to my knitting groups.
Except on the first row of either half of the repeat. Ask me how I know. I did a first row of a repeat at knitting yesterday, and came home to find I had knit one decrease wrong, and it took two hours to repair. It shouldn't have I know, but before it was over I had to drop a section all the way back to the stockinette of the section below. The repair worked so well that I can't tell which square it is anymore.
Topsy Turvy symbiotic.

I could call it done, but I'd like to knit a few more rows to see if I will have enough yarn to complete 3 full repeats. It will be close, but well worth the time to try it.

Besides the knitting, I've done a bunch of reading. I picked up Edward Rutherford's new book, New York. If you know his other works, you will understand the structure of this one. It is the story of a city told through its families and their history in the events of the day. I picked it up on Monday and I am half done. Yup. It is good.

I am also half done another book, In Another Light, by Andrew Greig. It's good but not perfect. Two stories, one of the father and one of the son are being told at the same time, and there just is something to be wished for in the way the two stories flow alongside each other.

But here I sit, with two books half done, and 4 days to finish them before the end of NaJuReMoNoMo for 2010. I feel confident that I will beat my miserly total of 3 in 2009 with the equally miserly total of 4. An improvement. The best thing is that once the challenge is over, I can go back and reread the very lyrical Lost Garden. Well worth it.

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