Thursday, 28 January 2010


Today is best described as almost.

I'm almost ready to work on the red sweater sleeve again. It is pulled back and I've recalculated the numbers of stitches I need to have a well fitting sleeve. I just need to start knitting it.

I'm almost done the green Topsy Turvy wrap. I knit last night till the coffee shop turned the lights down low, but just could not quite get there. There is one half row left with the patterning on it, and the final knit and purl row and whatever cast off the pattern needs. I'll have to go back to the pattern to find that out.

And then, I have those two books almost read to get me to my goal for 2010.

Almost is an exciting place to be. Its like being half way done on a second sock. This is the place where you have time to think about what is next. Next isn't far off or hypothetical anymore. Next is days away, hours away. Next requires serious contemplation. Next requires careful thought, and serious deliberation.

If I choose wisely, if I chose something my hands and heart can't wait to wake up in the morning to work on, I'll have a speedy knit and big shot of happy.

Almost is so close to reaching goal you can taste it. Almost is right beside next. Next is a place of wide open possibilities.

So almost is a really is a great place to be.


Knitting Alchemist said...

So true. I blogged again yesterday after a long absence, and now I'm thinking about next too. It's not a heavy next that's waying me down or anything. It's a light anticipating next.

Sure can't wait to see your lovely red sweater.

Sigrun said...

I love your philosophy. You are so right on target with how those words make us feel and either motivate or discourage us. One of the things I like about blogging is that I share the happiness (and sometimes frustration) of my fellow-bloggers. Going into the greenhouse week after next--spring is just around the corner!