Friday, 4 December 2009

Norwegian Handknits

I got a new book today, and I am absolutely thrilled with it. Norwegian Handknits - Heirloom Designs from the Vestersheim Museum.

The book is one of those marvelous collections, part history, part history of knitting, part knitting but all of it completely wonderful. There are tons of designs that come from Norwegian knitting, but the museum has also inspired the writers to look at other textile arts and make a knitted take on them. There are a number of projects inspired by embroidered techniques, including a stunning series of projects inspired by a headscarf. The link shows you one of the projects. The couple is wearing the Voss Family sweater project from the book.

Beyond all the marvelous socks, bags, gloves, and other assorted knitting projects, this books magic lies deep in the heart of some sheep. Little entrelac sheep.

They stole my heart. The authors explain that entrelac isn't a typical Norwegian technique, that it is thought to be Finnish, but that the Vestersheim has a particularly fine example from the north of Norway, and is included in their display of knitting. No matter says my heart. The technique could be Greek or Innu. My heart still desires those wee entrelac sheep.

If you like stranded colourwork mixed with rich history, do consider getting hold of a copy. Ask your library to bring it in if buying books isn't your thing. It is a lovely book, well worth taking the time to look for. I am thrilled to have it on my shelves.

In my personal rating system, it is a treble, a five star project.

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