Thursday, 3 December 2009

An Agony of Lace

Have you ever played word games where you find an appropriate word for a group, flock or herd of something? Murder of Crows. That sort of thing? If you do, please accept my choice of an agony of lace. Or maybe an ecstasy of lace. It certainly isn't going to be a humdrum of lace.

I made it through the lily of the valley section. I ended having to rip back the entire charts of 3c and d. On the upside I am now on the 4th chart and that is going to be easier. Right? Right? Right?

I got through the lace by letting the logical me shine clear. I know one repeat is precisely one stitch out, but I'll bet you won't find it, and I ain't gonna reknit. I think I'll cry if you make me. Seriously, it is only 1 out because I did a wrong decrease, but that was fixed on the next row, so it hardly exists at all.

In much cheerier news, I received an order yesterday for something available only on the Internet. It is a tencel and wool product and it really is quite splendid. The colours have the most hypnotic depth and sheen. And yes, you do have to see it. You do need to touch it.

May I present my first foray into Valley Yarns Colrain Lace.

There will be more.

An obsession of Lace?

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Sigrun said...

What is tencel? Is it the modern name for acrylic? Plaese e-mail me or leave a not on my blog.