Monday, 2 November 2009

Waita minute

I know that I said I meant to put down the mohair sweater, and begin again, but I worked on it anyway. I have only used two balls so far and I have 8. Even if I choose to start over, I still have tons of yarn and I can also undo these pieces. I have tons.

I just had to know what it looked like so far. So I finished up the first front and knit the second front and put them together at the shoulders. I didn't get to the side seams yet, but that will be easy. Just side seams and then I will know. It actually looks pretty good. I haven't tried it on yet, but... you know, I might not have to knit another. If I have to redo, I'll begin in a slightly different way.

Meanwhile, I picked up my little skein of handspun, and decided to knit. It wasn't plied well enough for much but a scarf, so a scarf it is. Taking advantage of its thick warm feeling, I did a simple one by one rib.

Pretty nice. It's not too long but it will be just the right length to wear with pinned together at the ends.

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