Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Catch up day

After last weeks very busy knitting but not actually doing any knitting week(classes), this week is catch up week. This house needs to be cleaned.

For instance, there were a few dishes on the counter last time I looked. It was coffee cups and wine glasses. No one cooked here last week at all. These things gave birth and we may actually be on to the second generation of dirty coffee cups and wine glasses because I just filled the the dishwasher and there are still a few seed dishes left.

The bathrooms. Let's not go there. OK. No problemo.

The living room. I don't want to go there either.

The laundry. Ever wish you had a laundromat in your house, so you could just toss it all in at once and get it all done in just two hours instead of a parade of loads that take all day. At least when we washed at the side of the stream or even when we carried our own water from the well, we were smart enough to have only enough clothes to get by with, and towels always were used more than once.

Tuesday is for spinning, I know, and there will be some of that. I am really encouraged by the little scarf I knit. I can't wait to get my hands on more of my own stuff to knit with. It was a bag of fluff when I found it, and now it is a little scarf.

There will be some knitting this afternoon too. And groceries. And apparently, more dishes. I just hope they don't give birth to more before I get home.

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