Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Yesterday was our 30th anniversay here at the Needles household. It hardly seems like it, but that is what the numbers say. We stayed home and made dinner.

For most of you making dinner on a Tuesday is about as mundane as it gets. For us, Tuesday dinner is soup. I love making homemade soups. Thick, filled with vegetables, and lentils or peas, rich warm hearty things are my favourite. Tuesdays there is always a big pot of soup on the stove to carry us through the rest of the week.

Even when its other than a soup Tuesday, we are pretty plain people. We grill almost everything, and with a veggie, we call it good. Not a lot of fancy eating here, just hearty wholesome simple foods.

Not yesterday. Yesterday, I cooked. Well, to be more correct, I prepared, Mr. Needles cooked. It was lovely.

Stuffed salomon, cauliflower with a white cheese sauce, baby greens and grape tomatoes, butter drenched potatoes and a little very mild garlic bread on the side. We shared a very large bottle of the wine we had our wedding night. We have it on occasion, a small but very important part of our shared traditions and history. Lovely.

Then we had a special desert. How could we not considering the theme?

You see, two days after our wedding, Mr. Needles went hunting for a week. Other people wondered that I was OK with that, but it was OK with me then and OK with me now. Its what happens when you marry a hunter in the middle of hunting season.

After all was said and done, we kind of felt like this little guy.

Completely stuffed.


Knitting Alchemist said...

Congratulations on 30 years. You're sure having a celebratory week! That meal looked and sounded divine.

Sandra said...

looks yummy. we're coming up on 18 years, and we're the same. We'd rather stay in and cook for ourselves. Unless it's Monday. Monday he plays poker. Every Monday, with the same group of guys since high school. Even on my birthday. ANd that's okay. I think that's why it's been 18 years. We don't sweat the small stuff.

Sigrun said...