Thursday, 26 November 2009

Could have cried

I love working in the yarn store. There are days when there is just nothing else like it if you love yarn.

We got a Fleece Artist box yesterday. There just isn't anything like opening one of these boxes. The top layer was warm brown and melted colours of earth and every layer under that was riot of jewels. Aladain's cave would have nothing on this single solitary box of one yarn. Entertain yourself by looking at the colours on the Fleece Artist website sometimes. I could play there for hours. I could while away the hours. I could dream of knits for days. Oh, but for more hours in a day...

There it sat. A case of Sea Wool, and I will not be getting any of it. The trip to Kiev quite rightly displaces the yarn un- budget.

But still, the yarn speaks powerfully. Makes me want to cry at it's richness.

And in case I forget later, a very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from south of the border. May your day be filled with family and friends.

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