Friday, 23 October 2009

Christmas Knitting

For long time readers, this is going to come as no suprise.  For quite some time, I have felt that knitted and crocheted toys are the perfect things for kids.  Of all ages.  There are some marvelous books on the market about knitted toys:  

So when my boss brought in a number of Jean Greenhowe books, is it any surprise that I was fascinated by them?  It ought to surprise no one that I am tickled pink by these.  I mean just have a look.  The Christmas special?  How does one resist the breakfast special?  

There is this.  Seriously, how could any sane knitter, knowing full well that Christmas is coming up, with a passel of grown-up sons, who don't need more hats or mittens not just fall for the little cave men (scroll to the bottom)? In a band?  

I knit all the sensible things.  I knit dishcloths and pot holders and socks.  I knit mitts and hats and scarves.  I'm knit some lovely lace and I am just starting to really get into sweaters, but sometimes, somewhere in the world there just has to be a little foolishness, a little whimsy. (Heaven knows, we don't find it on the news.)  If whimsy comes off my knitting needles, so much the better. 

This be foolishness perhaps, but life needs just a little foolishness.  That at least is as true at 51, as it is as 51 and a half.    


Sandra said...

oh good god, the snowballs with feet are the CUTEST THINGE EVER!

Sandra said...

Okay. Ordered book from Yarn Forward. Too cute to resist...