Friday, 13 February 2009

Traveling this weekend

I'm traveling this weekend to get to the baby shower where the Baby Surprise sweater will be revealed. I hope Finley's mum likes it.

I'm planning to leave around lunch time, but I don't know. A lot of decisions need to happen before I get there. I'll be gone for 4 days visiting with my mom and dad and sisters, so I'll need a lot of knitting. And it is going to have to be simple knitting. A LOT of simple knitting. Simple knitting while talking to sisters is just about as good as it gets.

I will be questioning mum about washing fleeces. There must be something she recalls about fleece washing seeing as how grandma knit and spun, even though I did not know this till very recently.

So socks present themselves as ever, but what about when I am a little tired of socks? I know, I know, but it might happen. It would be wonderful to take along the Fair Isle vest colours to swatch those up to see if I am thinking right about the colour changes, but it's a lot of yarn to carry. I could take along the bag swatch project but again, that's a lot of skeins of yarn.

I looked into the workbag and found something else. I started this before Christmas, worked out the pattern of Purposeful HolesTM and then put a few stitches on my needles only to leave it sit since the holidays. In a lot of ways, this little shawl project is as simple as it gets. Its all stockinette (it shows off the marvelous colours), there are stitches added every second row (the knit side rows) at the outer edges and at the centre spine. That is it. Or it will be, till I start on the border edging. The edging is going to be a little more open, but airier to complement the simplicity of the body of the shawl. A simple garter lace edging, or perhaps a cobweb frill from Barbra Walker's second treasury. I won't decide till I get near the end of the shawl and know my stitch count. There might be something in Knitted Lace of Estonia or in Victorian Lace that will suit. Perhaps Mary Schiffman has the answer. I'll go where the breeze takes me.

There are the Mille Colori wristwarmers and cowl to do up too. I shan't be short for want of knitting without even thinking about something new, yet all I can seem to think about is starting something new. I'm going to resist the urge, and am going to be good to myself and take along one of these WIP's, before I start to feel like they are whipping me.

But you can darn well be sure, that before I leave today, I'll be checking out the addresses of the yarn stores in Saskatoon. I hate to have a knitting emergency and be unprepared.

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