Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Baby Showers

It's a long time since I was at a baby shower. Things have changed and they haven't changed at all. Grandmothers still end up doing silly things. Baby still ends up with loot.There are irregular sitings of a lone male guest who is way more interested in hockey than babies, and the guest of honour, Baby Finley. She slept through all but the very beginning and very end of the shower, completely ignoring the proceedings, as babies most often do. This is the only shot I have where she was awake. Just after this she passed out on her paternal grandma's shoulder, and slept despite being passed round to all and sundry.

Finley is the luckiest of little girls. She is a first. She is the first grandchild on both sides, she is the first great grandchild on all sides.

These, from right to left, are Baby Finley's Grandmothers, and Great Grandmothers. Her other Great Grandmother could not attend, but scored the biggest squeals of joy from Finley's mum with her gift.

Along with these, there were great aunts and cousins and cousins once or twice removed galore. Lucky little Finley is surrounded by many strong and delightful women. It bodes very, very well for her future.

As for me, it was a grand weekend. I walked a sister in law through how to knit socks, knit a little on several projects for an accumulated amount of knitting that looks like bupkus but isn't, talked a lot, slept hardly at all. Today I am going to rest a little, go to knit with friends later, and cook a nice homey meal. Some soup, or stew, something hardy and restorative that won't take my full attention, so I can knit and contemplate just why I was compelled to start a new project this morning, when I have 832 on my needles already.

Yup, for no reason at all, except I love the yarn, I started a new project this morning, a Clapotis scarf, out of one of the new Berrocco yarns, Bonsai Colors. If heaven was a yarn, this yarn might just be it.

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