Friday, 20 February 2009

Socks Are a Good Thing

I'm not about to tell you how much I love socks, but once again socks saved my day. About 3 I started to feel like a sickly human instead of a lump of clay, so I got up and knit for a while. I put heels to a pair of socks I had on the needles for a while. (Excuse the chapped hairy legs. It's winter and it's Canada. It's cold up here.) I did the toe of another pair, and then I stopped to look around to see what to do next.

I could have tried another on-going project, but everything I have on my other needles needs brain power. I had some brain power, but I couldn't vouch for it's quality or its ability to catch errors. I decided to stay with socks.

I also needed to do something that would make me feel really good, like completing a project sort of good. With those two restrictions, I headed right for Bit Fabel. During a restocking of sock yarn a couple of weeks ago, some turquoise Big Fabel happened to fall into my hands. I had looked at its warm rich colours, a blend of turquoise, black, denim and a shot of green before and though it was nice, it had never really become something I just had to have.

Big Fabel, I am heartily sorry for not loving you sooner, for not picking up on your magic colours before. Right there before my eyes, right there in my hands, magic happened and kept on happening. The biggest magic is that this sock is not just turquoise. Its hardly turqoise at all. The tiny bit of denim I saw, is only an accent to a soft lavender. And the shot of green? The bright shot of green is only an addendum to the rich forest teal green. How is it that all I could see was the turquoise which, though strong, is an accent colour? How could I catch the green accent and the blue accent and miss the whole heart of the yarn?

But I did. Big Fabel made a lovely pair of lavender socks with warm greens and shots of turquoise to accent. Magic happened on my needles but all I did was knit. If finding something completely different than what I expected isn't magic, I don't know what is.

There is a parable for life in this yarn. What you see first is flash and show. Under the flash and show is the heart of the matter, and within that heart lies beauty.


Knitting Alchemist said...

There is also beauty in your writing. Lovely.

tangled stitch said...

These are really beautiful socks and I didn't notice your legs. Mine look like that too(I'm in upstate NY) can't wait till spring and then more people will be able to see those beautiful socks with your shorts on!

karen said...

Brilliant, funky covetable socks! I also have legs like that, I am proud of them, you should be too!