Thursday, 19 February 2009

Days of not knitting content

I'm late this morning, but it's because I only just got up. Since my usual rising time is early, and this is not so early, you guessed it, I am sick. Sicker than a dog actually, and I'm feeling whiny and feeble and I want my mummy.

If the headache goes away, I'll try to knit, but it's going to be simple. I'll probably work on a sock, maybe do a heel or two but there will be no steeking, no felting, no working on the bag, or planning the sweater. If I feel better later, I'll try plain forgiving knitting.

Maybe I'll set up my dvd player, crawl back to bed and watch Mr. Bean all day. It ought to be a good day for that.

Then again, I might just crawl back to bed and think about knitting. This thinking thing is taking a lot of effort.

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