Friday, 5 December 2008

Knitting something else

Mittens are driving me batty.
Count the number of branching sections above the thumb.Now count this mittens branch sections above the thumb.

Do you see it? I have to re-knit the perfectly worked mitten one section longer. I discovered this when I could not make the design merge the same for the mitten one as mitten 2's lovely finish. I wanted to shoot myself, and I consider that all the learning I am doing by finding this out now, is just excess. Got that knitting universe? It really is just too much. and I even said nice things about you yesterday.

I cut and run. Not having the energy to face the error, I hied off and worked on these mittens.

They are coming along wonderfully well. Mr. Needles gave me a hand to trying the mitts on for fit and it is just right.

At least one thing went according to plan yesterday.

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