Monday, 8 December 2008


Its a pair! Its done! these mittens are finally done. Each of them has 3 patterns above the thumb. the thumbs are on the proper places. the mittens fit on my chubby hands and thus will fit on the giftees just right.

They are not perfect, I know there are some flaws, but if anybody sees anything, please be kind and don't tell me. Don't even to begin to think I will hear if you tell me that one thumb is 2 stitches bigger than the other. I'm not sure I could bear finding out.

I am moving on to the thrummed pair, and this at least is a quick knit. Mitten 1 is done, and mitten two is on the needles. they still fit Mr. Needles hand so they are going to be fine for the giftee. There is one more pair of mittens to make after these, a pair of socks, a set of heels, a scarf and another scarf, and I have all my things done. I think.

I know that last year I said I wasn't going to knit things for Christmas, but did so anyway. I wanted to share just how much fun I was having with this thing I found. This year I set out knitting some things for Christmas as an expression and exploration of all the new things I learned to do. Next year? I'm going to try to not knit anything for any one else, unless I am specifically asked. And even then, I am not going to do it unless it is something that really inspires me.

I need to learn that not everyone wants these things. Till now, gift knitting has been an expression about something I do. It has been a statement about what is going on in my life, how I am spending my time. My hope is that people receive these things I make and even if they don't like them, that they look at them and appreciate that what I have given is a part of me.

Knitting is such a deeply personal journey for me and even though I want to share the journey, I have to accept that not everyone wants to come along on the journey. Not everyone wants to see the pictures of the trip. Not everyone wants to read the travel diary, and some people don't even want to see the map of all the places I have been. Maybe that is something that other people who have knit longer than I have, already know.

I've have not been able to predict where knitting is going to take me at all. I'm just going to keep hanging on to knitting's coat tails. I'm going to sit back and enjoy the ride.


Anonymous said...

I for one like to come along with you on your journey every morning. Keep taking the ride. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

If you ever wonder if your work is valued remember this post Perhaps not everyone values your work but I know a couple who do. I hope you count me as one who does - i do. GD