Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Having it good.

I've had a pretty good run of luck with employers over the years. These ladies at River City Yarns are real gems.

First off they are smart enough to own a yarn store. Isn't it pretty much a dream to have your own yarn store right at your fingertips? It is certainly one of the things I'm trying to recreate when I stash yarn. To have it all right there, just waiting for me. It is almost as good as having a personal library.

Secondly, they not only own a yarn store, but began it with a particular philosophy. In some ways that philosophy has grown and changed to accommodate the realities of the business world, but the basics still ring true and I can see that in the store, in action, every single day. More, I love participating in that philosophy every day.

And third, at days end, they make you feel that you are part of a team, that if they thrive,you will thrive.

I am honoured, thrilled, elated and utterly delighted to be allowed to work in such good company. So when your employers leave to go on the annual store sponsored Wool Wine and Wheels Trip copyright 2008, leaving us behind, it feels really really good to know that they trust you with something so precious as their store and they leave you behind a special little treat? You are flummoxed when that happens.

They left us with a delightful little knitting bag, filled with some treats. The bag is a great little thing for take along knitting. It looks ordinary until you turn it around. There be chickens knittin'.

The little pocket could hold a pair of double points or any of a number of small travel knitting accessories. I'll have to go searching for some fold up scissors, and a little tape measure, maybe a set of little markers too, to tuck inside, so I have these things with me no matter where I go.

And then the big treat.

The brilliant mixed skein is Nova Sock yarn from Fleece Artist and the lovely turquoise/marine blue is a skein of sock yarn from a small independent dyer.

Sometimes, I feel rich beyond measure. For now these lovely things will sit, to be fondled and petted. I'm going to have to do something special with them, and I don't want to rush.