Friday, 7 November 2008

Black sock heels

I'm working on black socks today in lieu of working on everything else that I should be working on. The black socks match my mood.

As suspected, there was no way I could do all the things I planned. I did not even get to the last load of laundry, because first things first, I had to load the dishwasher. Lo and behold halfway through the loading, one of the 4 little wheels that holds the top rack to the rails, broke off. After spending a great swack of time on the phone with the Maytag people, I find, they do not sell this little fifty cent wheel separately, that you have to buy the entire tray. For a hundred and fifty bucks.

I waited till Mr. Needles came home, but my mood was such that knitting was not really possible. (thankfully, we still have an old tray in the garage, with some spare parts)

I wound yarn instead. I've not posted much about my yarn purchases of late, because well frankly I am a little embarrassed by them. It all started with red and

You know how sometimes you just need a really good red to jump start your day? No? Well, once I saw this at Knitty, I just had to have red. So began a quest for the perfect red. Along the way, I changed my mind about making the sweater, but I still needed a good red. So I searched till I found one. I had a few other accidents, because as we all know, looking at yarn, even if you are focusing on red, can be a dangerous dastardly game that yarn will eventually win.

I did find a great red, a red filled with black and garnet and deep warmth.but not before I found a seriously fine forest green, so fine that photos cannot do its foresty goodness justice.and the there was a particular taupe that fell into my lap too. There was not quite enough of the taupe for what I plan for it, so I picked up some charcoal for accents. Three sweaters worth for me.Then there was yarn, in various permutations for Mr. Needles requested fair isle project. I still cannot think of it as a vest.

You'd think this would have been enough for a sane woman. I am clearly not sane, so I fell just a little further down the rabbit hole.

I fell into some Socks That Rock.

And a few other good things. Some Drops Silke Tweed, for a scarf I began but did not like. The yarn is going to do a couple of lace scarves, though I might need another skein of each (and so it goes)

Some really divine Colinette Sock yarn, that will be something nicer than socks because it is so pretty.and some Mirasol Hacho for a pair of mitered mittens from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac.

The really sad part is there is a little more, but I am going to be late for work if I tried to fit it all in.

It seems like a lot of yarn. It is a lot of yarn and yet I have a plan for each of these skeins. I don't buy yarn without knowing exactly how I am going to use it. Buying yarn is much better than drug therapy and healthier for me than if I took up drinking. My black mood is gone, just looking at the pretty pictures.

Buying yarn did get out of control lately. Not fiscally hurtful, but really not a sane amount. Considering the previously noted health benefits I have gained, one ought to be able to write this off of ones income taxes as a health care item. I wonder if Mr. Harper and Mr. Obama would agree?