Wednesday, 8 October 2008

My mind is full of baby things.

I read my horoscope pretty much daily. I have no idea why I do this. It certainly isn't because I live my life by it or even really believe it. I think it amused me one day when I needed amusement and it just continued. This is what it says today.

"Your key planet Saturn is locked in a tense dance with healer Chiron today and it's up to you to figure out how to take this uncomfortable energy and turn it into a positive expression. You have the potential for grace in your life now..."

I am surely full of 'uncomfortable' energy right now. It does feel like I am locked into a dance with some force or other. I am having a terrible time settling into a project, and meaning it. I know what I have to do, but I'm struggling to stay true to it.

I have these baby things to make and I'm working on what may well be the tough part of the project, the bunting bags. I think once I get those out of the way, I'll be OK. I'm going to pour my heart out on the blankets, so I can get to where I really want to be, which is the baby sweaters.

For the baby sweaters, I'm going to use a slip stitch pattern based on an idea I saw years ago in a Walmart on a little free pattern on a hanger. It was essentially stripes of colour, a vibrant pink worked 4 rows, then switching over to another vibrant colour for 4 rows and then back to the first colour again. Every so often on the first row of this part of the work, you knit way down into the last row of the first colour below. Or that is what I remember. Or maybe it was some sort of slipped stitch thing. I'll have to experiment. The idea was to be striped but with columns of the main colour forming visual blocks over the bright many coloured stripe.

At the time I rendered the baby sweater in crochet, where the long drop down to rows below is quite common. Can't you just see stripes of richness in these brilliantly coloured piles of yarn?

OK, right now the boys pile looks a little tame, but there is a yellow, which isn't in the picture, and I might yet go and pick up another colour or 2. The girls sweaters will be the same, but the boys sweaters, will have a different major colour. In part, this is to work with the yarn I have and in part, so people other than their mom and dad and brothers, can tell them apart.

My horoscope says it is up to me to take this uncomfortable energy and turn it into a creative force, so I guess I will. I'll work on the baby bags, and get them done, so I can play amidst colour and brilliance as winter comes upon us. Except I really really hope to have them completed long before real winter hits.

"You have the potential for grace in your life right now" or so says my horoscope. I'll work on that too.

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