Saturday, 6 September 2008

Up in the mountains

I am up in the mountains right now. With any luck at all, I will not be freezing my buns off. If you came to visit my campfire, this is what you would see.

Beyond a doubt there will be some wet cold weather, but it still is one of the loveliest places I know.


No computer in the high country. These last few posts were made using Bloggers nifty schedule feature. A small cheat, I know. there is one a.m. radio band that comes in on good days, but otherwise you are out of reach.

Now that I am home, I can tell you that the sky up there this week was nothing like the sky in the photos (Mr. Needles photos). It was gray with frequent episodes of chilly mists, and rain, though under our tarps with a cheery fire, it was absolutely breathtaking. Even better, knitting happened. Reading happened. Afternoon naps happened. Life is very good.


melinda9723 said...

I love those pics! Beautiful view !

Anonymous said...

You have a computer with you! Camping! Gorgeous pictures.


dmd said...

Beautiful shots the second one is incredible. Nice to look at on a rainy Sunday morning. Hope you are staying warm.

Gina said...

Those pictures are amazing. Love the one's with the clouds! Hope you had fun!