Friday, 5 September 2008

More things to think about

A while ago a friend sent me a really great book, Arctic Lace. I made that really nice series of scarves from it.

At the same time she sent some yarn. This is a special yarn, and she knows me well, it is Alpaca. And Silk. I cannot tell a lie, this is, of all the yarns I have the loveliest.If I am in the mood to fondle yarns, this is the one I pick up, and play with. Its vari-coloured heart is going to demand something wonderful. Simple and wonderful.

My search to know lace begins with this yarn.


karen said...

enjoy your search, it's an amazing feeling exploring something you yearn for.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, dr. I knew you would love the book, and the yarn just looked like you - or more specifically, the trees and lichen and mountains you describe so beautifully. I know you'll make something wonderful with it. Hope you have a great time camping in your beautiful Canada.