Monday, 29 September 2008

This weekend was all about fixing things. The Big Fabel socks I made for Mr. Needles were just too long. (shown here during initial construction)I used the same foot length calculation as I do for peasant heels, inserting the foot at 2 1/4 inches shorter than foot length. Using the Lucy Neatby garter stitch heel, I found I really need to go just a bit shorter. To make his socks fit right we went to 2 3/4 inches shorter than his foot.

To do the fix the down and dirty way, I cut off the toes, ripped back to the right place and re-worked a new toe with the unraveled yarn. It worked well, and he now has a really good fitting pair of socks. Except he says they are too loose in his calf. ... ... sigh. Next pair...

Mine look and fit splendid. One down, one to go, though it is half done too. One of the nicest things about Big Fabel is that it is big. You can make a pair in a very short period of time.

When my hands were tired of socks, I wound some of my hand dyed yarn into a ball (and then rewound it because the first winding was too tight), and began to play with it.

The colours come out a little more orange on screen than in life. The orange parts are actually a soft peach. It is a potpourri of rose, a softer rose, the peach tones and a vibrant russet. It may seem like it shouldn't work, but it sort of does.

This bit of knitting is just a sample, not the final form. I think I'm going to knit some sort of slip stitch pattern with it. The slip stitches should soften any too strong combinations, and make it be one harmonious whole. The slip stitch idea comes directly from the Eye of Partridge Stitch Shawl from Not Another Knit Blog. It is a very interesting combination.

Eeeep, it is 7:20 and I have to get a move on it. There is laundry to do before it is possible to head off to work. Don't you just hate it when the real world interferes with fun?

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karen said...

I am discovering more and more about the real world! Oh for my endless days at home. Hope you are well!