Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Miles of i-cord

I am almost finished the little shop project I have been working on. I am very very pleased with the way it looks.

After the ruffle adventure, my boss and I decided that it should be finished in i-cord. I worked the attached i-cord yesterday around the collar and edges, and today I am working on the ties. If you finish the edges in i-cord, the appropriate closure is going to be an i-cord tie.

This morning, I went to pick out some dpns from my water bottle storage container to do just that...

and the bottle wasn't there. No bottle, no needles. A quick search through all of my various bags proved the bottle full of needles was no where. How could a person loose their entire stock of dpns in the house, when they are stored in a brilliant lime green bottle, that reason says should stick out by a mile in my house of muted tones.

Don't answer that.

Things like this really bug me, and I was so upset that I put it aside. I thought I might work on the second chapter of Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop to continue my effort to learn to knit western and to learn colour stranding. I set up the bottom of the hat, and was ready to grab the book off the shelf to work along with her.

No book.

I've looked all the usual places, and it is missing in action too. I desperately searched my memory for a time where I would have worked with the needles and the book, but memory isn't serving today. In fact it is totally shut down.

If you come to the shop today, I'll be the spacey one, the one who is staring blankly at the wall.

Cause man, I don't got it, whatever 'it' is today.

I-cord? I am reduced to this.

Which is just fine except I could sure use a longer tool than the short gold pin sold with the spool. A crochet hook ought to work just fine... Oh right.

I've been keeping all but the really big ones in the missing green bottle.


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