Thursday, 28 August 2008

A Hat is a Hat and that is that.

I've been fooling around with learning new things. I ended up with a hat.
Its not pretty, but it is a hat.

I wanted to learn stranded colour work. I've seen one of the ladies doing it around the store and I was fascinated to watch the way she held the yarn in her hands. About the same time, I found an old little tool among the sewing things in the laundry room, a small thimble like thing, with pegs across the top and a little closer piece to hold the yarn between the pegs. It seemed like Kismet but the universe was telling me it was time to learn stuff.

First I tried out the little tool. Did not work for me. I could not manage the tension at all. I sat down to learn how the rest of the western world knits, and did not manage gauge very well doing that either. I persevered and made the hat any way.

The flaws are many, including the imbalance between the yarns. The imbalance means some of my nifty band one stitches like to hide between the heavier grey yarns. The second colour band is much improved.

I still have a lot of learning to do on gauge, but the hat is indeed a hat with bits of stranded colour work.

I've some yarn left over so I'm off to wrist warmers. Or maybe a scarf. I'll need that too come fall.


If this post isn't making sense, its because needing to know this, to do this, kept me up half the night, and I dreamt of doing it the other half. I'm going back to bed now to sleep the sleep of the plain old tired knitter.

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