Wednesday, 5 December 2007

More scarf

It feels suspiciously like socks. After a few feet it sort of shows the same. I didn't do a lot last night on it, and I quit when I realized I missed a yo about 6 rows below. It seemed like the time to put it down. I picked it up this morning again, and ripped back to my error, and then knit a few rows, so I know my work will be solid tonite. However, tonite there can be no knitting. We have to put the tree up, and that is a full evening job.

We have done 2 trees for a few years. The 'beast' with its more than 6 foot span across the bottom, and one upstairs in the living room. I don't know about the beast this year. I love the ornaments we use there, but the basement is in such disarray. Son 1 has stuff everywhere, and I don't know if I'm up to cleaning it away to set a tree up.

My living room tree is the one that gets the special treatment. All red white and sliver. Yes it has a theme, and its decorator but its pretty, and sparkly, and I like it a lot. I still have not starched the bead and crochet garland. Maybe tonite. Or maybe not. If it goes on un-starched, well, so it goes. Except for a few balls, Its snowflakes and other lacy things. I'm starting to feel like Christmas.

I will show you pictures over the next few days, I hope as well as the finished scarf, and the next project, and some more socks....

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