Thursday, 20 December 2007

Knit, knit

Knit, knit, knit. Sleep, work, knit.

This is what is going on at my house. Just another evening on the cashmere scarf, and then I have to decide about socks. One more pair of socks.

I will have a lot of cashmere left. The scarf is only a shortie, the kind of thing you wear under your coat to keep the chill off your neck. The giftee is, I believe a tucker. A good thing too. I'm thinking of making some gloves with what is left. But no way will those be done for Christmas.

I have one pattern at home for gloves in a copy of Interweave Knits, but they are made of cotton. I'll have to search the net for some freebie glove patterns.

I only discovered knitting on the Internet in spring, so I am at least 10,000 light years behind everyone else. The good free pattern sites that I know of so far are:

Crochet Pattern Central

Knitting Pattern Central


Crochet Me (of course Gina, what was I thinking)

Knitting Wisdom (Thanks mostlylurking, it looks very interesting)

If you know of more, let me know, but free sites like these, which either have, or link to free patterns are one of the nicest things I've discovered in my journey to knitting.


Gina said... can't forget about and the lionbrand site has a lot of good freebies. ENjoy knitting!

Anonymous said...

I was going to mention - and this is a nice one:
I like their stitch gallery a lot.

I signed up for a sock class at my LYS today - starts Jan 5. I was thinking back to when you mentioned Crocheted Socks! - that's what got me started on this yarn obsession. Thanks!