Friday, 21 December 2007

Friday rushy rushy

I can be laid back this afternoon. Right now I will be very, very busy. Fridays before a holiday are always loose ends day.

Which is really neat because tonite might very well be loose ends night with all the projects. Some are already wending on their way as presents, one has already been given, and loved.

SS loved the Soft green of the Misti Alpaca, and the warmers and Calorimetry were perfect fits. I really enjoy when people like the things I make them. I take as much pleasure in their enjoyment as I do in the making.

Anyway, I'll probably have some pictures on the morrow, after the loose ends are worked, and I do have about another 10 inches or so to do on the scarf, and then there is a pair of socks. Its all very do-able...

if only I don't clean my house. Our worst was the year we were still painting on Christmas Eve. We already set a low standard and a tradition, so this year will be just part of the routine Holdiay spirit! What the heck, who says you can't do Christmas in a messy house?

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Sandra said...

It's all about the giving for me. I adore giving hand made (especially knit) stuff, things that I have chosen for the recipient. I love the reaction. I just love it.