Friday, 9 November 2007

Still having Camera trouble

But there is also the possibility that it is computer troubles. Other things are behaving foolishly. My morning will be spent working on urgent things and running virus software. You never know what lurks.

I had a wonderful evening with the sock. It sounds odd but really, I did spend the evening with a sock. Made dinner, talked with mom, ate, left dishes for others, went to sit and work, Mr Needles went off to do his own thing (GOLF TV), so there I was in peaceful quiet splendor, with no one expecting me to do or be and boy did I need that. Me and the yarn. Perfection. My delight continues over this wonderful yarn. Knitpicks Pallette is wonderful stuff.

I finally got the last of my yarn from the recent spate of mail orders. Rowan Bamboo Tape. Soft, like pure silk, only better. A reviewer says it was lovely to work with, and that it grows when wet and more when dried. SO I guess I will too be swatching this yarn, and doing it right. And then I will have to consult with an ally who shall remain nameless with respect to sizing.

Oh what a tangled fabric I weave... Dear heavens what am I saying?!!

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