Thursday, 8 November 2007

My camera isn't talking

My camera isn't talking to my computer so no pictures today. I'll try again later after I restart the beast and see what happens. Maybe that will let it get over this hissy fit.

I had pictures of my wonderful shawl too.

I'm trying very hard not to get into to the gift for Christmas mode. I figure if I don't plan on giving something handmade, I have a way better chance of actually getting it done. I love Christmas, but I do get a wee bit too caught up with unrealistic expectations of what I can accomplish.

I love the holidays, and have tons of decorations to put up, I love to do a bunch of baking, I love to have everything ready well in advance of the day, so that when it happens, I just get to sit and relax. I love having the nativities out, I love the little bit and pieces of Christmas everywhere. I expected it all, and only a wise boy saved me.

For years, getting helpers was worse than pulling teeth. Decorating the house weekend usually left the whole house grumpy (If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy). One year, in the midst of a full blown hissy fit on my part, decrying, castigating, taking the gender, and names of every male in my house in vain, for not helping to make Christmas, a very smart son pointed out that these things did not matter to males. In high dudgeon, I stomped off to my room, and had a good cry.

At dinner, I asked them all at point blank. Son was right. Males did not care if the house looked Christmasy, though they did like the trees. They did not care if the music boxes were out, or if the lights were just so in the garlands. They cared little for bows. They did claim to like the baking though. From that day forward, I did what I want, and though I occasionally ask for assistance, if I deem it too much bother, it doesn't happen. So some years, all the sons get is store bought cookies. (Revenge is very mature.)

I stopped worrying about the details, I stopped feeling that I had to do it. I stopped expecting to be a magazine cover house.I quit trying to live Martha and started living me. I'm much happier, and so is the rest of the house. Some years we might not be decorated and there may not be baking, and hey, who said hamburgers aren't a Christmas meal if you have all the trimmings? (We've never stooped to burgers yet, but you never know what this year will bring)

When it comes to socks and holiday knitting, I might want to give everyone a pair. I might have the yarn to make everyone a pair, but getting them all done or not for a single point in time, isn't the point.

The point is, I make them because I want to share a special thing I can do. I want to share my time. I want them all to have warm feet. The completion date won't change the love they are made with.


Gina said...

Oh hello Needles. Thanks for asking for me...I have been around, crocheting my heart out....just have not blogged. I give you so much credit for blogging daily. I don't know how you come up with some of your material. Some days, I just have nothing to I love the holidays...and all of the trimmings. I also like burining my Christmas Cookie candle while looking at all the twinkle lights on the tree. I know it seems like the "boys" in your life don't care about the Christmas decorations...but I believe on some subcontious level they absolutely do!!! I am glad you have stepped back and do what you can.

Sandra said...

I'm the same way. We're so busy that one year I stood back and thought "why am I decorating? We're not having anyone in, and the boys don't care about anything other than the tree." SO now it's the tree, a wreath and some outdoor lights. I still bake and knit, and like you - some people get two skeins of yarn and a promise of socks to come.